Tri-State Marine


The Challenge

Tri-State Marine was experiencing symptoms of out-of-date web design. Despite email campaign and social media marketing efforts the sites analytics were stagnant across all pages and SEO results were crawling. As as result, the site was bringing in a mere 2 contacts per month.



The Solution

With a mobile first approach, DISRUPTIVE INC was able to create a modern website built from the ground-up. The major focus was to bring the boats to the fore-front instead of hiding them within the navigation. All new photography and videos bring the design to life and help showcase the nations largest indoor boat showroom.

tristate marine hero.jpg

About Tri-State Marine

Tri-State marine has the largest indoor boat showroom in the country with the largest selection of Parker & Grady-White boats, as well as a variety of pre-owned boats. Since 1965 Tri-State has earned their reputation of being among the very best in boat sales and service. Their knowledgeable team can offer you reliable expertise, solid deals, & amazing service that you just won't find anywhere else. Get a great boat from a great company - come visit us today!

The approach we took

Combining analytics and the direct comparison of the data with customer persona documents, we found that our customers were getting lost within complex navigations and small photos. Our approach of de-cluttering the site and focusing on the boat inventory and showroom were the keys to success for Tri-State Marine.


A 360 Tour of the largest boat showroom in the nation

The best way to see the showroom at Tri-State Marine is to come visit. Even if you can't make it in person.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 3.48.00 PM.png
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Development Overview

To develop we worked with the latest technologies and used best practices for both SEO and site load speeds. Developing with optimized media, text where it counts, and a responsive design in mind allow the site to not only load quickly but also work great across most devices and a vast number of screen resolutions.


The Result

Using the Hubspot marketing platform Tri-State Marine can now easily make changes to their inventory and take control of the content on their site. As a result, Tri-State Marine now recieves 25+ contacts per month via their web forms.

Scope of Work

  • Website Audit
  • Customer Personas
  • Low/Mid/High Wireframe Mockups
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Development - HTML/CSS/Javascript/etc.
  • SEO
  • Photography Sessions
  • Videography Sessions
  • Photo/Video Editing

Let's build something great together!