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After decades of successfully defending corporations and hospitals, Paul D'Amore wanted to help the very people who were injured by them.

He founded a personal injury law firm that focused on the real-life needs of people who had been catastrophically injured by the negligence of others and has helped countless of clients get justice.

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Scope of work

Web Design, HubSpot CMS, SEO, Google Ads, Photography


Web Design, HubSpot CMS

Paul D'Amore started D'Amore Personal Injury Law in 2015 from the ground up with no prior website, SEO, or digital footprint. He was in a hyper-competitive space with no website and the competition had 20+ year head start. We needed to move quickly.

We onboarded him to Hubspot and began laying the foundation of what would become one of the best personal injury law firms in Baltimore.

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Working together over the years, we continued to develop the website and optimize it for the best SEO practices. We began to quickly rise in organic search results, appearing on the first page of Google for some of the most difficult search terms in the personal injury markets, including birth injury, medical malpractice, and major accidents.

The website has generated thousands of qualified leads year-over-year that have been singed on as clients. We continue to improve the SEO and continuously update the site.


Photos / Media

For D'Amore Personal Injury Law, we defined two distinct photography styles: portrait and clients. As a primary headshot style, we wanted to express the authentic dedication of the team. This approach also helps contrast other photography styles and the visual language throughout the site.

A secondary style leans on the client aspect and helps portray a glimpse of how the attorneys at D'Amore Personal Injury Law treats their clients. We call it "Being Part of the Family", and it’s meant to introduce context that helps in telling the larger story of the brand. Attorneys are always checking in on their previous clients to see how they've progressed after having life altering injuries. It’s a little tough, a little poetic, and altogether authentic and unique.

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